RareInk NBA | By Grzegorz Domaradzki aka Gabz

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Color Adds Depth: ?uestlove | By Photographer/Director: Mark Zibert.

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Put on those 3D glasses you have lying around.

Mark Zibert + AdColor | By Photographer/Director: Mark Zibert. Full Credits: Production: Joel Todaro, Sons and Daughters, Editor: Mark Paiva – Poster Boy, VFX: Sean Cochrane – The Vanity, Sound: Keith Reynaud – Heard City, Created by: TBWA/Chiat/Day NY, Art Buyer: Julia Menassa, Creatives: Isabella Castano and Ani Muñoz.

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Nike Livestrong Lance Armstrong Poster | By I Love Dust

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Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

This is ridiculous… but brilliant. Go to Vimeo to try the interactive part of the video.

Old Spice Muscle Music | By Wieden+Kennedy

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This Travis Pastrana edition Red Bull can does a great job of integrating new graphic elements into the existing packaging design without it becoming intrusive. It also leaves an infinite number of possibilities open for future designs to follow suit.

Travis Pastrana Edition Red Bull Can | By I Love Dust

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… and DC.

Superhero Minimalist Posters | By Calvin Lin

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More Marvel…

Superhero Minimalist Posters | By Calvin Lin

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Superhero Minimalist Posters | By Calvin Lin

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Thoughts on this…

Brooklyn Nets Logo | By Shawn Carter

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Plan B New Tees + New Sk8board | By 123Klan

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I had to include detail shots for my team… Go Orange.

Syracuse Men’s Basketball Uniform Redesign | By NIKE

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